I was thinking of writing about the great products that I use, good things to eat, cafes and excellent cappuccinos that my staff prepare, but then I thought about doing just a small list of what you can enjoy sitting in the garden, or at tables overlook the paved of the Appian Way.
Sandwiches made with various types of bread of Genzano (porchetta from Ariccia!) Pasta dishes (but remember you are not a restaurant);
Salads, cheese and Lazio's high quality salami, little whims, gastronomic innovations, a wide assortment of sweet cookies from Castelli Romani, including the classic donuts, which would traditionally soaked in wine, organic wine, beer both on tap and in bottle, with an increase of the Italian selection, and finally a great HOME MADE ICE CREAM.


Bike Rental

To visit the Appia Antica Park ours is an outstanding starting point, because it allows you to avoid the traffic of the city center and easily leave your car in the parking lot. On our bike you can easily visit the whole park, avoiding the downtown traffic. If you decide to do we will prepare a picnic basket full of good things, but if you prefer a little 'relaxation after the walk, our garden awaits you with an even greater variety of delicacies.



My garden is ready to welcome you if you want to organize a bachelor party, birthday, wedding, corporate parties or simply to celebrate the arrival of spring ... so any excuse is good.
But you will receive your choice of table service or a buffet that thanks to the vast assortment of vegetables and vegetable-based dishes, they are also suitable for your vegan and vegetarian guests who will always know what to delight. You can enjoy it in secluded corners of the garden or, if necessary, in the entire garden.
For parties with your pets, you can have a part or all of the garden (in the afternoon)
My staff are on hand to organize everything, buffet, jokes and / or animation.


Over the years, I realize more and more that the place where I am is very special: a park without the noise of the city that smells ancient and which has the charm of someone who has seen it all and knows all mock, ignore, pass; a place where sometimes unreal men and women usually busy and neurotic sit relax and indulge in thoughts and occupations for their unusual. Why not use it as a meeting place for expressions of art and culture?
So I organized exhibitions of painting, graphics, and moments of reading.
here is currently an initiative that I called a permanent "bar to the book", then the book will tadpole. If you have ideas and want to use me for things like that you know where to find me.


Once upon a time , many many years ago. The desire to open a bookstore - cafe, but a Wicked Fairy , Rio Destiny and Divinity of occasions Miss Out conspired among themselves, and made sure that this want could not be realized.
Segregated in the narrow spaces of our minds (oh, guys, know how to face the harsh reality is basic ), the Desire fell asleep, like a princess in the highest room of the tower, but never died.
Some time ago has managed to forge a secret alliance with Master Regret, Fairy Incoscierizia and Madame Joy. All four have swirled between synapses and gray cells, settling comfortably and becoming the Fixed Idea. We began to think about:
we like to read , we like the books ( some of us there is also engaged ) , we like to communicate with others, and .. then we decided to release A BOOK AT THE BAR.
In this fairy kingdom are the books, magic doors wide open to other worlds, the main protagonists. And, like all the protagonists, crave the desire to be the center of attention. They want the sacrifices to be offered in the form of meetings, chats theme, or even simple and silent prayers sitting comfortably in our garden.


The books, capricious gods , dictated the following ways to make their honor:
You can pick one and read it from us;
You can pick one and take it away on two conditions:
a) Leave in exchange for two books (it may not seem fair, but also serves to increase the number of books available that include further that we loved)
b) At the second sampling, one of the two books that you have to leave is the first you've taken, so that it continues to spin.

Devotion must be demonstrated: in every book of blank pages are inserted, which will filled with the praises or reproaches with the little gods.
The devotion should be rewarded: every six months, we will give an acknowledgment (oh well, we know, we are not the Witch award...) in the comment that will be better able to tease the want to learn about that particular little god, what, in our sole discretion, will be the wittiest, most profound, or at least the more special. So we have to apply ourselves, to give space and expression to our emotions.
But the Want of which the first is not satisfied with all this, also demands that are dedicated to the "games " small gods, nights when we talk we laugh together and discuss about them. We do not know yet if we follow the lunar calendar or Venus, but have faith, we'll let you know.



The Appia Antica Cafe, which overlooks the Regina Viarum, is fortunate to have near a variety of attractions: stretches of ancient Roman paving, mounds and tombs, villas of the imperial age, medieval towers, Renaissance churches, the Caffarella Valley, with the park which is home to many wild animals, so we thought we'd share with you these splendors organizing TOUR with licensed guides on foot or by bicycle. We also have an eye for the school, which we reserve for special services, and for the companies to whom we offer our space for events and meetings.