From early morning until sunset and this is a classic bar enough to say, with coffee, cappuccino accompanied by croissants, cakes and other confectionery delights, to be consumed at our bar (inspired by the Appian Way with handmade bricks and inlaid small archaeological finds) or sitting in the garden hidden at the back, or the tables that are overlook the Roman paving.
Soak up the atmosphere of this magical place, drinking a beer or a cocktail accompanied by a sandwich with porchetta of Ariccia, if you like wine there, we can propose a biological product along the Via Appia Antica.
In the afternoon you can relax reading a book (taken from our library) drinking a cup of tea or eating an ice cream.
Then the appetizer (only during the spring-summer)




Here the Lunch is meant to be served fast but accurate, sitting at my tables or take away, so you can continue your walk or unfortunately your return to work without wasting much time, or simply following your own pace if you have not quickly.
You can choose between various types of sandwiches made with bread and pizza in Genzano.
Pasta dishes, especially prepared for the oven;
Pasta salads in the summer;
Hot or cold dishes consist of little whims and gastronomic innovations;
Platters of cheese and charcuterie to high quality typical of Lazio;
A wide assortment cakes;
And finally, a great ice cream, also thought as a main dish for not burdening accompanied by fruit or yogurt;
Small selection of wine and beer